[ For beginner fishermen ] How to make a simple bait-hooking device in Japan


Hello everyone~!

This is NAMETA who is fishing enthusiast.

Today, I’d like to talk about “I’d like to start fishing, but what kind of fishing gears should I use?” I would like to introduce some simple fishing tricks for beginners.

When you go to a fishing tackle shop, you can find a set of bait traps.

You can use these, but they are a little expensive.

So, this time, I would like to introduce a simple device that you can make by yourself by preparing a hook and a sinker.

Simple bait fishing gadgets

My recommended trick is this.

The only components needed are a hook, a weight, and a sarukan, very simple and easy, isn’t it?

Just drop this simple device right below the breakwater and leave it there, and you’ll catch fish like crazy!

In the past, we have been able to catch a wide variety of fish such as Black sea bream, Conger eel, Scorpion fish, and Rockfish.


Required Parts

Fish hook

I often use the following two.

There is not much difference as both are very versatile.

Adjust the size of the hook according to the species of fish you want to catch.

This is a hook for use in black sea bream fishing.

It is a typical bait fishing hook design, and it is suitable for catching many species of fish in addition to black sea bream!

This hooks is for Japanese sea bass.


The golden color makes it highly effective in attracting fish.

These convenient hooks are suitable for sea bass as well as many other species of fish.


Refer to the diagram below to learn how to tie a hook and line!
(Sorry, the instructions are in Japanese.)

It may be intimidating for beginners, but it is surprisingly easy when you try it.

釣り糸の結び方! どれが最強? 基本の結び18個を強度実験も交えて解説 | 魚種別釣りガイド



I use a type of sinker called a naganamari in Japanese.

This is suitable for cast fishing.

Size No. 4 is sufficient, but if the tide is strong, you may want to increase the weight a little more.

To use, simply thread a fishing line through the center of the sinker.



Swivel has the effect of eliminating kinks caused by spinning fishing line.

Using a twisted line can cause tangling and line sagging, as well as induce unnatural bait movement, so I recommend using a Swivel.

In this case, the swivel also serves as a stopper for the bait, so it can be said that it is essential for this device.

The Swivel knot requires tying the fishing line at the top and bottom, which is a bit of a hassle, but once you get used to it, it is easy.

初心者☆~釣りガールが行く~サビキPart3 | candy*sweetのブログ - 楽天ブログ

It is recommended that the length from the swivel to the hook be 30-40 cm.


First, we recommend nereidae for beginners.

It is the most popular fishing bait that is reasonably priced and catches fish well.

It can be used for a variety of fishing methods such as float fishing, cast fishing, hole fishing, and ocean fishing ponds, and can be used to catch a wide variety of fish species.

However, some people may not be comfortable with live bait, so artificial bait is recommended for them.

(Although live bait is still recommended when comparing fishing results, artificial bait is also sufficient to catch fish.)

There are many ways to attach bait to the hook, but aiming for the head is sufficient.


釣れる!】パワーイソメで釣れない人は総じてやり方が悪い【パワーイソメの基本的な使い方から応用】 | シアターカミカゼ


Now that the preparations are complete, all that remains is to go out to sea and catch some fish!

You may be tempted to think that you will catch more fish if you cast as far away as possible, but in fact, as they say, it’s always darkest under the lamp, and many fish are living right under your feet.

Therefore, I recommend to drop the bait at the foot of the bank.

The trick is to drop the sinker, and when you feel it land on the bottom, reel it in a little to remove any slack in the line.

After that, reel in a little extra to make the bait float about 30cm off the bottom!

This will cause the live bait to move on the bottom of the sea, which will attract the fish.

Then all you have to do is wait for the fish to hook on, check every 10 minutes or so to make sure the bait hasn’t been removed, and explore different areas…!

Today, I would like to introduce bait fishing traps for beginners.

You will be more than happy when you catch a fish with a trap you made yourself, so please give it a try!

See you soon!

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