[ Japanese ramen ] Great tsukemen style ramen”Tokiya” in Shin-Osaka

Hello everyone!!
The Shinkansen stops at Shin-Osaka Station, making it easy to access, so I think a lot of tourists often visit.
Today we will be introducing a very popular ramen restaurant within walking distance from Shin-Osaka Station.
The name of ramen restaurant is “Tokiya“.
The location is just between Shin-osaka station and Minamikata station.
There are a lot of ramen restaurant around here.
There is always a line at lunchtime.
There are three types of soup: spicy, chicken, and pork.
If you want to add toppings, select the special.
The ticket machine has English instructions, so you can rest assured.
Please buy a ticket from the ticket machine first and then line up.
The restaurant has a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.
Recommended ways to eat it are listed below.
・Dip each bite of noodles into the soup
・For pork, dip the noodles lightly in the soup (don’t dip them in too much soup).
・Finish eating before the soup gets cold
・Save some of the soup for “Dashi rice.”
・Once you’ve finished your noodles, order “Dashi rice” from the waiter.
・”Dashi rice” is eaten by pouring 2 to 3 cups of the remaining soup over it.
I ordered the chicken with special toppings.
The noodles are homemade and medium-thick, and come with plenty of toppings.
The soup is chicken-based and topped with lots of green onions.
These are the special toppings.
Sprouts come with egg, seaweed, and a large piece of roast pork.
The rich soup is delicious, with a sweet and sour taste combined with the umami of chicken.
Mix the homemade noodles well into the soup before eating.
The texture of the bamboo shoots and green onions adds an accent to the dish.
The special topping is a soft-boiled egg that is perfectly seasoned!
Roasted black pepper pork slices are meaty, slightly spicy, chewy and delicious.
Be sure to leave some of the soup after you finish eating, and order “Dashi rice”.
This is “Dashi rice” with white paitan soup!
Add 2-3 tablespoons of broth and adjust taste.
I also love pork and spicy ramen, so be sure to try the different flavors.
That concludes my introduction to the popular ramen restaurant within walking distance of Shin-Osaka Station.


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