[ Japanese ramen ] Salt based delicious Shio ramen “UROKO” in Shin-osaka


Hello everyone!
Have you had Shio ramen?
Shio means “salt”, but Shio ramen is not salty ramen.
Shio serves as a catalyst to maximize the flavor of our special chicken broth.

Today, we will introduce Japanese famous Shio ramen in Shin-osaka.
The name of the ramen restaurant is “UROKO

This lantern marks the entrance to the restaurant!
(The lantern says “Shio Ramen” in Japanese.)

This is the restaurant’s most popular dish, Shio ramen. Looks delicious!
Shio ramen costs 850 yen, and you can add toppings such as egg and roast pork.
The soup is based on salt and chicken broth, and the flat noodles are mixed in perfectly, making it very tasty!
The flavor is also well-infused into the roast pork.
This is the most recommended Shio ramen in Osaka.

You have to buy your tickets in advance from the ticket machine, but don’t worry! There is an English menu!
The inside of the restaurant is clean, with counter seats on the left and table seats on the right.
2023/01/29にとしが投稿した、らーめん鱗 高槻店の料理の写真
Shio ramen is famous, but my personal favorite is shoyu ramen.
Shoyu means soy sauce but don’t be afraid of the color!
You will find both rich and mild flavors in the darkness.
UROKO Ramen is so popular that it has multiple branches in Osaka.
Let’s try to eat Shio ramen here!


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