[ Japanese ramen ] Fish base Jiro style great ramen “The Yuto” in Shin-osaka

Hello everyone!!
The Shinkansen stops at Shin-Osaka Station, making it easy to access, so I think a lot of tourists often visit.
Today we will be introducing a very popular ramen restaurant within walking distance from Shin-Osaka Station.
The name of ramen restaurant is “The Yuto“.
This restaurant was established by the owner of a famous ramen restaurant called ”Nibo Jiro”.
I also love “Nibo Jiro” and used to go there often, and “The Yuto” has inherited the same taste as Nibo Jiro, making very delicious ramen.

It is conveniently located near Shin-Osaka Station.

This is Jiro style ramen characterized by a generous amount of vegetables and fatty soup.

The menu features seafood-based soups made with dried sardines and bonito.

This sign marks the opening of the restaurant.

Please note that the ticket machines do not have any English instructions and only accept cash.
There are many varieties, but the recommended ones are dried sardines or bonito.
The soupless noodles are also delicious.

You can choose between thin and thick noodles, and the amount available is 100g, 150g, 200g, or 250g.
You can also choose from four levels of vegetables, back fat, and sauce strength: less, normal, a little more, and more.
The price is the same regardless of the amount of noodles or vegetables you choose.

I ordered the Dried sardines ramen 150g whit a little more vegetable, back fat and sauce strength.

It looks delicious and filling! If you ask the staff, you can also get it with garlic.

The clear soup is rich in the flavor of dried sardines, and the sharp, dark soy sauce and back fat give it a rich flavor, but it’s surprisingly light to eat.
It goes great with garlic too!

I chose thick noodles. They were very chewy and delicious when mixed with the soup!

The vegetables (bean sprouts) are crisp and the pork slices are roasted and fragrant.
It may look like a lot of volume, but it’s only 150g and comes with a little more vegetables.
If you’re confident that you can eat a lot, try the 250g vegetable more set!

This ramen shop is highly recommended and there is a line at lunchtime.
There is no English menu and there are many options, so ordering may be difficult, but the taste is amazing! Please give it a try!


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